6 Tips for Buying Prescription Glasses Online

Saturday, July 29th, 2017, 8:37 pm

In recent years, many people have been opting to buy their prescription eyeglasses on the internet. This is because the services of the companies that supply eyeglasses are really convenient, affordable and timely. More so, customers can choose from different styles, frames, coating, sizes, shapes, colors and brands. The fact is that all the eyewear sold on reputable websites are usually of high quality. After fitting new lenses in old frames or using replacement lenses for some time, you may decide to purchase a pair of brand new eyeglasses. Here are some tips for getting the best deals online.

1.   Request for an updated eyewear prescription

As a matter of fact, the validity of prescription eyeglasses is around a year for children and two years for adults. It is essential to get in touch with an optician as soon as your prescription expires for an up to date and accurate one. A prescription card will be issued to you once the eyesight examination is over. It normally contains information that include pupillary distance (PD). During the process of placing an order on the internet, endeavor to input the correct information.

2.   Know the numbers on your latest glasses

If you check the interior part of the arms of your eyeglasses frames carefully, some numbers are printed there. These numbers indicate the lens size, bridge and temple length of your eyeglasses. Having a fore knowledge of the three numbers assist in making the right decision. Perhaps this is the first time that you will be getting prescription eyeglasses, ask your optician to include these details on your prescription card.

3.   Check the return and refund policies

One important factor to consider before settling for any online store is the return and refund policies. Make sure that you read and understand all the policies so that it’s easier to exchange or return eyeglasses if they are not the best fit. A great number of trusted companies allow customers to return their eyeglasses within a specific period of time. In addition, make enquires about the shipping policy.

4.   Research extensively about different companies

Without mincing words, tons of eyeglasses suppliers exist on the internet and discovering the best can be a daunting task. You can ask from people who have purchased their prescription glasses online about how satisfied they are about the products. Another solution is to examine the customer reviews section. As you compare the quality of eyeglasses and prices of various websites, keep your needs in mind.

5.   Select a supplier that supports in-house try-ons

The majority of reputable companies often ship around 4-6 frames to their customers. This gives them the opportunity to try the frames on and choose the most suitable one.Later on, they are sent back and an order will be placed. In most cases, no extra charges will be incurred for this service. Other online stores usually encourage customers to upload pictures on their websites in order to determine the right frames for each face type and size.

6.   Take note of add-ons

Add-ons like eyeglasses coatings automatically attract a higher price. Ask yourself whether any of the coatings are necessary and go for the important ones. It’s advisable to check the final price of the eyeglasses and not rely on the advertised price alone. The truth is that the advertised price is a smart move to attract customers and making them to believe that the eyeglasses are actually very cheap.