I enjoy photoshoots if they aren’t random or aimless: Katrina Kaif

Saturday, May 6th, 2017, 1:18 pm

Actor Katrina Kaif, who is famous celebrity photographer Mario Testino’s latest muse, says she has been “following his work” for years.

Be it A-list stars, musicians, supermodels or other artists, he has captured a plethora of celebrities – over the years – through his lens. Now, Katrina Kaif has become famous celebrity photographer Mario Testino’s latest muse with a much-talked-about photo shoot. “It was really nice [shooting with Mario]. During my growing up years and especially, since I started out as a model, I’ve admired Mario’s works. He has an eye for detail and shoots women in a certain way,” says the actor.

The Bang Bang (2014) actor feels “anyone who follows the fashion or photography industry” knows that he is a legend in his field. I have been seeing his work for years, which, I feel, is unique. After a certain point, photography on that level can start to have a similar feel. But I think, you can always tell an image that he has clicked. There is some sort of an edge to it,” she says.

Does she enjoy photo shoots? “I do as long as they have a specific intention and aren’t random or aimless. Before going in, I need to know what kind of image we are trying to create. If you have clarity, enthusiasm and a nice theme, it can be a lot of fun,” she says, adding that it makes for a “much more enjoyable shoot” when one bonds well with a photographer.