Cheeky Toddler Locks Himself In Car And Laughs As Firefighters Rescue Him

Sunday, May 7th, 2017, 10:12 am

What could have been a frightening situation for a little boy turned into smiles when a 14-month-old locked himself in his mother’s car. 

Brandon Emery’s mom, Kirsty Green tells that she had to put her son in the backseat of the car while she unloaded groceries into the trunk at a supermarket near their home in Bude, England. After accidentally closing the trunk with her car keys inside, she watched as Brandon tried to push the power locks, which ultimately trapped himself in the car.

A shopper in the parking lot saw what was happening and called the non-emergency number for the police. Luckily, it was not a hot day, so Brandon was not in any imminent danger. Firefighters from Bude Community Fire Station arrived on the scene to Brandon giggling in the passenger’s seat. 

He somehow managed to climb up there and grabbed the steering wheel with a grin like he was about to go for a drive. It was absolutely hilarious! Kirsty posted a photo of Brandon on Facebook saying, “Thank you to the amazing guys who rescued my cheeky monkey after locking himself in the car today at Bude Lidl! He was clearly traumatised by the whole ordeal.”

“[The firefighters] were amazing, and I think just as much as they were keeping Brandon entertained, he was equally making them laugh,” Green told SWNS.

To get Brandon out, the firefighters tried to pop the lock of the door using a plastic tool with a hook but were unsuccessful. The moment they saw Brandon put a coin in his mouth, they broke the rear driver’s window and opened the car to rescue him and prevent a choking situation. 

“It was just brilliant how unfazed he was by the whole thing, really,” firefighter Matthew Wonnacott told SWNS. “He seemed very entertained by the fact that there was a whole group of strangers staring into his mum’s car.”