Just keep going: Irrfan Khan shares touching post

New Delhi [India], Mar 20 (ANI): National Award winning actor Irrfan Khan, who is suffering from a rare disease, has posted a touching message on social media.

With a photo of his reflection, the ‘Hindi Medium’ star wrote a philosophical quote by Rainer Maria Rilke.

He shared on Instagram, “God speaks to each of us as he makes us, then walks with us silently out of the night. These are the words we dimly hear: You, sent out beyond your recall, go to the limits of your longing. Embody me.n Flare up like a flame and make big shadows I can move in.”

“Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final. Don’t let yourself lose me. Nearby is the country they call life. You will know it by its seriousness. Give me your hand #rainermariarilke.”

The 51-year-old revealed last week that he is diagnosed with NeuroEndocrine Tumour. The actor is currently in London for his treatment.

irrfanGod speaks to each of us as he makes us,
then walks with us silently out of the night.

These are the words we dimly hear:

You, sent out beyond your recall,
go to the limits of your longing.
Embody me.

Flare up like a flame
and make big shadows I can move in.

Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror.
Just keep going. No feeling is final.

Don’t let yourself lose me.

Nearby is the country they call life.
You will know it by its seriousness.

Bikini-clad Selena Gomez reveals leg scar from complications during her kidney transplant… as she soaks up the sun in Sydney Harbour before playfully MOUNTING her female pal on a boat

Singer, 25, has a scar high up on her inner right thigh from a ruptured artery she had following the kidney transplant that saved her life in September 2017

She was rushed back into surgery to have a vein removed from her right inner thigh to build a new artery and keep the kidney transplant in place

She’s just touched down in Sydney ahead of the Hillsong Church’s Colour Conference – a festival her former beau Justin Bieber attends annually.

But newly-single Selena Gomez was surrounded pals on Monday, as she showed her affections for one female friend in particular on the top deck of a luxury boat in Sydney’s Harbour, playfully mounting her and giggling as they shared an cuddle.

The 25-year-old Texan native showed off her figure in a two-piece bikini, revealing a prominent scar on her inner her right thigh, obtained during a second emergency procedure that followed her 2017 kidney transplant.

Pairing a bright orange bikini top with plain black bottoms, the singing sensation was accompanied by friends on the cruise.

Her former flame Justin Bieber was nowhere to be seen as she laughed and joked with gal pals on the day out.

At one time, Selena was seen crawling over to her friend, and then lying on top of her with arms open, ready for an embrace.

The mischievous brunette then let out a gleeful smile as her friend, who was resting on her back in a black bikini, returned the enthusiastic squeeze.
Though she was clearly besotted with her mate, it was not the same altruistic friend who became Selena’s organ donor in summer 2017.

Actress Francia Raisa gave Selena one of her kidneys in summer 2017, following the singer’s battle with lupus.

Selena, who underwent a kidney transplant in September last year, first showcased her sizable surgery scar while holidaying in Mexico in December.

However Selena was now displaying the mark that the surgery left behind last September.

‘Ready for Summer’: Busty Holly Hagan flaunts her ample cleavage and tiny waist in a bright blue bikini… amid claims she’s returning to Geordie Shore

She’s allegedly set to make a comeback to Geordie Shore.

And keeping her fans guessing, Holly Hagan teased her followers with a sexy bikini snap on Sunday, showing off her incredible figure in her sizzling two-piece.

The reality star flaunted her ample cleavage in the electric blue swimwear, highlighting her enviable figure.

The tiny bikini drew attention to her slender waistline and flat stomach as she posed up a storm.

‘Ready for Summer’, she captioned the snap, tagging the ensemble as Miss Pap.

Holly has been dazzling her fans with an array of Kim Kardashian inspired posts of late, favouring the same long silver wig and faded filter loved by the American star.

This comes amid claims Holly will reportedly return to screens on Geordie Shore for the 17th series, which is set to star show regulars Sophie Kasaei and Chloe Ferry.

32 महिलाओं से रेप कर चुका है ये शख्स, मौत की नींद सुलाने सबको देता था साइनाइड

कर्नाटक के इस सीरियल किलर का नाम मोहन कुमार है। उसका जन्म, 1963 में हुआ था। वह पेशे से स्कूल टीचर था। सुनंदा घर से मंदिर जाने के लिए निकली थी। जिसके बाद उसकी लाश मैसूर बस अड्डे पर मिली थी। 2009 में अनीता नाम की महिला की हत्या के बाद इस सीरियल किलर के अपराधों का खुलासा हुआ था.

Three Steps to a Healthy Home

We all want to relax and be ourselves when we get home. Yet too often that is not so easy. There are responsibilities and burdens which await us, bills to pay, dishes to wash, messes to clean up. For some, home is a place of conflict and unease. Amidst the stress and demands of daily life we all need a refuge.

Your home is meant to be the central oasis of day to day life, a sacred safe space where you can tap in and experience your true inner self, away from the external world. This can only happen when your home is an emotionally healthy space.

Here are 3 essential steps to having an emotionally healthy home:

Make Peaceful Relationships the Soul of Your Home

Peace is not just the absence of conflict, it is the heartfelt soul of a relationship. When we create and live in peace with ourselves, our spouses and family, we strengthen the home as a peaceful space. Everyone benefits. We want to be there. We feel better, calmer, safer.  Our children are happier. The modeling of peace is especially important from parents to children. This modeling happens through displays of mutual respect and through shared values which tie the home together, creating a broad sense of purpose and meaning.

Create a Loving Atmosphere

Space matters. Make your home appear warm and inviting to almost any stranger who may enter it. This does not require lavish furnishings, but only that there is an environment where people would want to gather. The physical aspects of a home should reflect the kind and peaceful spirit that your family aspires to. Dress your home with symbols of care, display images which inspire and affirm your values. The physical layout of a home creates the atmosphere where peace and love can be nurtured.

Unify Time

Time passes quickly and we can each get caught in our own bubble without really being present to the people who share our home. We may even find that some people in the home live a separate life. While respecting personal space, create a sense of togetherness. Structure the day to function in a harmonious way. Create responsibilities in a way that values each person’s contribution and creates a sense of dignity. Unify time in a way which says to each person in the home: “You matter.”

बेटे ने पहले काटा बुजुर्ग पिता का गला, फिर फेवीक्विक से जोड़ने लगा गर्दन

बस्ती.यहां से एक हैवान बेटे की हैरान कर देने करतूत सामने आई है। बता दें कि पहले तो बेटे ने अपने बुजुर्ग पिता का तेजधार हथियार से गला रेत दिया, फिर उसे फेवीक्विक से जोड़ने की कोशिश करने लगे। पिता की चीखें घर के बाहर ना जाएं, इसलिए लड़के ने टीवी की आवाज तेज कर दी। जब उसने मामला बिगड़ता देखा तो पिता को घर में बंद कर भाग निकला। कराहने की आवाज पड़ोसियों ने सुनी…

मामला जिले के सोनहा थाना क्षेत्र के दरियापुर जंगल टोला के भैसहवा का है। यहां रहने वाले 65 साल के रामदेव मिश्र रेलवे के रिटायर्ड कर्मचारी हैं। बताया जा रहा है कि शनिवार को जब रामदेव मिश्र के कराहने की आवाज पड़ोसियों ने सुनी तो गांव के प्रधान को इसकी जानकारी दी।

नजारा देख सभी रह गए दंग

मौके पर अपने सहयोगियों के साथ पहुंचे प्रधान ने पुलिस को सूचना दी। पुलिस ने घर का ताला तोड़ा तो अंदर का नजारा देख सभी दंग रह गए। खून से लतपत रामदेव जमीन पर पड़े हुए थे और उनकी गर्दन में गंभीर चोट का निशान दिखाई दिया।

इसके बाद आनन-फानन में रामदेव को पास के ही हॉस्पिटल में भर्ती कराया गया। जहां डॉक्टरों ने उन्हें सिविल अस्पताल रेफर कर दिया। यहां उनका इलाज चल रहा है। रामदेव ने इशारों का सहारा लेकर पुलिस का आपबीती सुनाई।

होली पर आया स्पेशल ऑफर, 991 रु. में करें हवाई सफर, ये दो कंपनियां दे रहीं मौका

यूटिलिटी डेस्क।एयर कंपनियां होली के मौके पर डिस्काउंट के स्पेशल ऑफर लाई हैं। गोएयर और जेट एयरवेज की डिस्काउंट सेल शुरू हो चुकी है। इसके तहत सिर्फ 991 रु. में हवाई उड़ान का ऑफर दिया जा रहा है। वहीं जेट एयरवेज 20 परसेंट तक का डिस्काउंट दे रहा है।

गोएयर ‘होली लॉन्ग वीकेंड’ ऑफर लेकर आई है। इसमें कंपनी सिलेक्टेड रूट्स पर लोएस्ट प्राइज में हवाई सफर का ऑफर दे रही है। इसके साथ ही एचडीएफसी बैंक के डेबिट या क्रेडिट कार्ड का इस्तेमाल करने पर 10 परसेंट का अतिरिक्त डिस्काउंट दिया जा रहा है। एयरलाइन की वेबसाइट के जरिए इस ऑफर का आप फायदा उठा सकते हैं।

991 रु. में बागडोगरा से गुवाहाटी के लिए टिकट ऑफर की जा रही है। वहीं चेन्नई से कोच्चि का फेयर 1120 रुपए है। इसी तरह बेंगलुरू से कोच्चि और गुवाहाटी से बागडोगरा के लिए 1291 रुपए में हवाई सफर का मौका है। यह ऑफर लिमिटेड सीट्स के लिए है। एयरलाइन ने सीटों की संख्या की कोई जानकारी नहीं दी है।

This Is How To Date When You’re A Woman With Anxiety

No matter how you try and rationalize it, being a girlfriend with anxiety is hard. Being anyone with anxiety is hard.

I’m not sure anxiety ever gets easier to deal with. From my experience, the second you think you’ve mastered it, it evolves. It begins to take shape in a new form that’s different and scarier than the first. The worst part is, you’re never prepared.

It makes you feel like a bad daughter, a bad sister, a bad friend, a bad girlfriend, and an all-around bad person. You feel defeated.

While being a girlfriend with anxiety is hard, I think I’m learning and I think I’m getting better at. At least I hope so… maybe a little bit each day. So here’s what I’ve learned and I hope you can take it with you as you begin to date with anxiety.

Interesting Facts You Probably Never Knew Before

1. Statue Of Liberty is one of the most lovable and famous landmark in the world.
It’s so tall such that even it’s Index Finger is 8 Feet Long.
2. The Word “SET” has the most number of definitions in the English Dictionary that is 464 according to Oxford Dictionary.
3. Mosquitoes are more attracted to Color Blue than any other color.
4. Koala and Humans are among the few Animals that have Finger Prints.
Their finger prints are so similar that it takes a lot of effort to distinguish them under the microscope.
5. Octopus has 3 Hearts, 9 Brains and Blue Blood.
6. Blue Whale is the largest creature ever that has lived on the earth.
Blue Whale’s Tongue Weighs as much as an Elephant weighs.
7. Once a traffic Jam In China last More then 10 days with Cars moving only half a mile a day.

‘We need to talk about male rape’: DR Congo survivor speaks out

“If I talked about it, I would have been separated from the people. Even those who treated me would not have shaken my hands.”

Stephen Kigoma was raped during the conflict in his home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He described his ordeal in an interview with the BBC’s Alice Muthengi, calling for more survivors to come forward.

“I hid that I was a male rape survivor. I couldn’t open up – it’s a taboo,” he said.

“As a man, I can’t cry. People will tell you that you are a coward, you are weak, you are stupid.”

The rape took place when men attacked Stephen’s home in Beni, a city in north-eastern DR Congo.

“They killed my father. Three men raped me, and they said: ‘You are a man, how are you going to say you were raped?’

“It’s a weapon they use to make you silent.”

After fleeing to Uganda in 2011, Stephen got medical help – but only after a physiotherapist treating him for a back problem realised there was more to his injuries.

He was taken to see a doctor treating survivors of sexual violence, where he was the only man in the ward.

“I felt undermined. I was in a land I didn’t belong to, having to explain to the doctor how it happened. That was my fear.”

Stephen was able to get counselling through the Refugee Law Project, an NGO in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, where he was one of six men speaking about their ordeal.

But they’re far from being the only ones.

Police not an option

The Refugee Law Project, which has investigated male rape in DR Congo, has also published a report on sexual violence among South Sudanese refugees in northern Uganda.

It found that more than 20% of women reported being raped – compared to just 4% of men.

“The main reason that fewer men come forward is that people assume they should be invulnerable, they should fight back. They have allowed it so they must be homosexual,” Dr Chris Dolan, director of the organisation, told the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme.

Legal challenges pose a problem when it comes to men reporting rape, he added.

“In the Rome Statute [which established the International Criminal Court] you have a definition of rape that is wide enough to include women and men, but in most domestic legislation, the definition of rape involves the penetration of the vagina by the penis. That means if a man comes forward, they’ll be told it wasn’t rape, it was sexual assault.

“There’s the problem of criminalisation of same-sex activity – it revolves around penetration of the male body, not around consent or lack of consent.”

In 2016, Uganda took in more refugees than any other country in the world, and has been praised for having some of the world’s most welcoming policies towards them.

But for male rape survivors like Stephen, life there can be tough. Homosexual acts are illegal in Uganda, and going to the police to report rape is not always an option.

“When I asked the police, they said that if it has anything to do with penetration between a man and a man, it is gay,” he said.

“If it happens to a woman, we listen to them, treat them, care and listen to them – give them a voice. But what happens to men?”

Shah Rukh Khan can charm a microphone

Actor Anushka Sharma says Shah Rukh Khan’s genuineness made it easy for her to do on-screen romance with the superstar in their upcoming film, Jab Harry Met Sejal.

Anushka, who made her debut with Shah Rukh in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, has teamed up with the 51-year-old actor for the third time in the new film by Imtiaz Ali.

Asked how was it to romance Shah Rukh, Anushka told reporters, “Extremely easy. He has a lot of genuineness. If you see this song, his eyes have a lot of genuineness when he looks at you with love.”

“In my opinion, Shah Rukh can romance this mike also. He can look at the mike with the same kind of love he would look at the most beautiful woman in the world,” she said.

To this, SRK added in a lighter vein, “As long as you’re holding it I can romance it, otherwise no.”

They were speaking at the launch of Hawayein song from the movie, on Wednesday. The duo was accompanied by filmmaker Imtiaz Ali and music composer Pritam.

The 29-year-old actor has worked with directors like Yash Chopra and Aditya Chopra but said the best part about Imtiaz, with whom she has teamed up for the first time, was the “moments” he brought out between the two characters.

“His films are love stories but I don’t think the characters are aware that they are in love. There is some internal travel, soul searching which happens and then they realise it,” she said.

“That’s when they discover love… he has a very deep understanding of a man-woman relationship,” she added.

The film is scheduled to release on August 4. Hindustan Times

The blockbuster Hindi movie Jab Harry Met Sejal will be screening with English subtitles from August 4 at CEL circuit cinemas. It is imported by BMN Enterprises (who brought Baahubali 2) and distributed by Cinema Entertainments Pvt Ltd (CEL) The movie will be screening at Majestic Colombo, Regal Gampaha, Lido Borella (4.15 pm), City Cinema Mt Laviniya (4.15 pm), Savoy Premiere, Excel World, Liberty Lite Colpetty, Capitol Maradana, Plaza Kalutara, New Imperial Kurunegala and Ratnapura, Areena Katugastota, Chaya Kegalle, Vista Lite Ja-Ela, Sky Lite Matara, Queens Galle, Jothy Ratnapura, Willmax Anuradapura, Sinexpo Kurunagela, Nikado Kadawata, and TP Kaduwela

How To Know When You Are Ready To Get Married


It used to be when you’d hit certain financial and social milestones: when you had a home to your name, a set of qualifications on the mantelpiece and a few cows and a parcel of land in your possession.

But when, under the influence of Romantic ideology, this grew to seem altogether too mercenary and calculating, the focus shifted to emotions. It came to be thought important to feel the right way. That was the true sign of a good union. And the right feelings included the sense that the other was ‘the one’, that you understood one another perfectly and that you’d both never want to sleep with anyone else again.

These ideas, though touching, have proved to be an almost sure recipe for the eventual dissolution of marriages – and have caused havoc in the emotional lives of millions of otherwise sane and well-meaning couples.

We are ready for marriage…

1. When we give up on perfection 

We should not only admit in a general way that the person we are marrying is very far from perfect. We should also grasp the specifics of their imperfections: how they will be irritating, difficult, sometimes irrational, and often unable to sympathise or understand us. Vows should be rewritten to include the terse line: ‘I agree to marry this person even though they will, on a regular basis, drive me to distraction.’

However, these flaws should never be interpreted as merely capturing a local problem. No one else would be better. We are as bad. We are a flawed species. Whomever one got together with would be radically imperfect in a host of deeply serious ways. One must conclusively kill the idea that things would be ideal with any other creature in this galaxy. There can only ever be a ‘good enough’ marriage.

9 Things To Consider Before Leaving Your Relationship

The decision whether one should stay or leave is one of the most consequential and painful any of us ever has to make. On any given day, many millions of people worldwide will be secretly turning the issue over in their minds as they go about their daily lives, their partners beside them possibly having little clue as to the momentous decision weighing upon them.

The choice is perhaps more common now than it ever was. We expect to be deeply happy in love and therefore spend a good deal of time wondering whether our relationships are essentially normal in their sexual and psychological frustrations – or are beset by unusually pathological patterns which should impel us to get out as soon as we can. What films or novels we’ve been exposed to, the state of our friends’ relationships, the degree of noise surrounding new sexually-driven dating apps, not to mention how much sleep we’ve had, can all play humblingly large roles in influencing us one way or another.

Awkwardly, it seems that no one else actually really minds what we end up doing, which gives the decision a degree of existential loneliness it might not always have possessed. Historically, the choice was in a sense a good deal easier because there were simply so many stern external sanctions around not leaving. Religions would insist that God blessed unions and would be furious at their being torn asunder. Society strongly disapproved of break-ups and cast separating parties into decades of ignominy and shame. And psychologists would explain that children would be deeply and permanently scarred by any termination in their parents’ relationship.

But one by one, these objections to quitting have fallen away. Religions no longer terrify us into staying, society doesn’t care and psychologists routinely tell us that children would prefer a broken family to an unhappy one. The burden of choice therefore falls squarely upon us. The only thing determining whether to stay or leave is how we feel – which can be a hard matter indeed to work out for ourselves, our feelings having a dispiriting habit of shifting and evading any efforts at rational clarification.

My Friendships With Women Taught Me How Not To Be A “Good Girl”

My foundation of close friendships blossomed much later in life. More specifically, when I was 15.

During class introductions, one of my now-best friends said “My name is ___ and I am an aggressive person.” I had never heard “aggressive” in a positive light, let alone a girl describe herself as such with this much admiration. The class laughed. She had the reputation for being a comic and for being fierce. It’s an odd combination, really, to have the ability to frighten someone and also make them laugh. I was particularly intrigued by her because she owned her traits with the utmost pride. She wore rugged cargo shorts, a digital watch, and sandals to class; she was always loud and in no way did she fit the stereotype of how girls were supposed to be. But she inspired me to own my perceived imperfections and taught me to laugh at myself. She added excitement to her difference and was seen as much more than a sore thumb that stood out.

Growing up, I heard the phrase “lady-like” and “be a good girl,” a lot. Being a good girl meant complying with obedience, not sitting with my legs wide, hiding my period like it was the family’s will, not using cuss words, having neat braids, and smiling. To always, always smile. Being a girl came with an instruction manual; and the best ones, the “good girls,” checked everything off that list. One of my most precious friends embodied this completely. Her hair was always neat, her eyeliner was always on point, she even held an umbrella with grace. She is still very soft spoken, very patient, and one of the most organized people I know. But being the textbook definition of a woman is not only where her strengths lie and it’s most definitely not how she wants to be viewed in the society. Her strengths lie in the her powerful fidelity in friendships, in her ability to embrace change and challenge herself to grow.

…there’s an unbelievable level of support that’s derived from familiar misery.”

I think insecurities are like an unwanted sibling we’ve grown up with as women ― about our bodies (mostly), the rejection to our personalities, the casual and serious sexism in everyday language, the shunning of our beliefs, our puberty and the wrath of periods, the silly customs that come along with the periods, and blah, blah, blah.

You know what’s the worst thing about developing a culture of insecurities? It also stimulates an air of hate. If daadi claims that you’re too dark or tan to be viewed as beautiful, you not only begin to dislike a part of you but also dislike the same part in someone else. I know I have, on several occasions, over the silliest things. There goes the scope for one good friendship to be built! It’s a vicious cycle, and if we get sucked in and become accustomed to aspiring toward society’s definition of perfection, we may dangerously harbor hate and negativity for someone else. Yet funnily, there is no “one size fits all” definition to this said perfection. Magazines still continue to pit two beautiful women against each other under a ‘who wore better?’ poll. Nothing is ― or will ever be ― enough.

Strangely, insecurities also make for the the best jokes; and if you shared one of yours with someone else, you’d be surprised at what a hit you will be at that party. My old workplace had five of us who would compete on whose moustache hair grew the fastest. Objectively, ours are the most insignificant body hair that has ever existed, but it was the root of so much self shaming until they became the most popular joke at the lunch table. The women in my life are some of the funniest people I will ever know, because there is no joke funnier than the trauma of underboob sweat and the reality of leg stubble. Even if the world won’t stop adding to our list of insecurities and the threats to our safety, there’s an unbelievable level of support that’s derived from familiar misery. It’s like we’re spiders working at making webs of connection, shared sensibilities, laughter, validation and assurance. Lots of assurance.

Youthful male model with incredible body defies the ageing process…but how old is he?

A male model with perfectly chiselled abs and a perfect complexion seems to have found a way to halt the ageing process as he wows fans with his youthful looks.

Without a wrinkle in sight or any extra pounds around the waist, Chuando Tan, from Singapore, could easily pass for a man in his late 20s.

But in fact, Chuando is actually 50 years old.

The Asian model-turned photographer has gathered thousands of fans online, all stunned by his baby-faced snaps.

On Instagram, Chuando has a staggering 227,000 fans, many of whom are desperate to discover the secret to his boyish looks.

Chuabdo has incredible abs for his age (Image: chuando_chuandoandfrey/Instagram)
The model has gathered 227,000 followers on Instagram (Image: chuando_chuandoandfrey/Instagram)


While Chuando regularly works out, he also claims his bathing habits help him stay looking young.

He claims not bathing late at night or early in the morning help him retain the features of a man half his age.

Chuando also says his love of spicy Hainanese chicken helps too.

(Image: chuando_chuandoandfrey/Instagram)
Chuando reinvented himself as a photographer after years of working as a male model (Image: chuando_chuandoandfrey/Instagram)

Now working as a photographer, he dabbles in the occasional modelling work.

Newsreader swears while falling off chair live on air spilling her drink but just about keeps composure to continue

A newsreader who fell off her chair live on air and swore during a sports bulletin has been hailed as “true pro” for the way she recovered.

Channel Nine sports presenter Erin Molan was off camera when the accident happened while a news segment ran about the Tour de France .

A few moments silence followed before she said: “I’ve just fallen off my chair, no, I am good,” before heroically continuing her report.

When she returned to Australia’s television screens she had a damp patch on her top which hinted at what must have happened.

Channel Nine sports presenter Erin Molan was off camera when the accident happened

Before continuing the bulletin she explained: “I did just fall off my chair but I’m okay I promise.”

Her fall has only seemed to add to army of fans.

Two of her colleagues – Airlie Walsh and Jayne Azzopardi – have applauded her recovery.

Erin Molan very professionally carried on her report despite having a stain on her top

One viewer tweeted: “You’re a true pro! Stacked off the chair and clearly wore your drink but barely missed a beat in your report. Champion effort.”

On Instagram Erin later apologised “if any beautiful children heard my terrified reaction”.

She added: “So… tonight was different. I fell off my chair mid @9newssydney bulletin and in the shock of hitting the ground from 1.5m high I unfortunately used a word that isn’t appropriate.

“I didn’t want to get dressed”: Woman walks unashamedly naked through streets of Bolonga prompting debate

WARNING: NUDITY – The unidentified woman walked brimming with pride and confidence through the city centre of the tourist hotspot as onlookers took photos

A young woman shocked shoppers when she walked through a city centre tourist hotspot completely naked – simply because she claimed she “didn’t want to get dressed”.

The tattooed woman walked proudly through the streets of Bologna, the bustling capital of northern Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, with a big smile on her face.

When one man asked the brunette whether she had lost her clothes or a bet, she replied: “I didn’t want to get dressed.”

The woman, whose name is not known, walked through the city centre without stopping as amazed onlookers took photos and videos of her on their phones.

She carried a white bag over her shoulder and appeared to be listening to music on her headphones.

The young woman wasn’t phased by people taking her photo (Image: CEN)

The young woman, who had a large tattoo on her chest and another on her right hip, turned and smiled to people staring at her as she continued her walk.

She was seen crossing a busy road in front of the city’s railway station, and in the popular area around Porta Mascarella, a gate in the city’s former medieval walls.

It is not clear whether the woman’s naked walk was a joke or a promotion of some kind – but videos and photographs of her have gone viral on social media.

She was naked except for her bag and shoes (Image: CEN)
The woman smiled as passersby took her photo and filmed her (Image: CEN)

But the ‘stunt’ divided opinions on social media.

Netizen ‘Claudia’ said: “Nice excuse, ‘I didn’t want to get dressed!’, what nonsense people do for a little bit of popularity!!”

Another wrote: “Better a beautiful naked woman than an ugly naked man on the street.”

Someone else posted: “Brave girl! And very beautiful.”

But one user, named Delia, said: “So this is how far we’ve come! And we criticise our ‘guests’… we’re worse than them because we don’t have any excuse.”

Stop smiling in photos if you want to look younger – here’s what to do instead

Most people know it takes 25 fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown.

The act of smiling has numerous positives attached to it. Not only does it make you look happy and approachable, but it also releases endorphins, making it a surefire way to boost your mood.

Sadly, it’s emerged that smiling is not all it’s cracked up to be.

If it’s your go-to photo expression, experts have some bad news.

A recent experiment found that smiling in photos can add up three and half years to your face, writes The Sun .

This is because smiling apparently exaggerates the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.

Maybe you don’t care. Maybe life is too short to worry about things like these. Or maybe your anti-ageing regimen is so efficient you need never worry about wrinkles again.

However, if your appearance in photos does matter to you, there are some alternative facial expressions which will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

And it seems as if the likes of Kylie Jenner and Victoria Beckham – neither exactly renowned for their readily beaming faces – are on to something.


After the research was conducted, it was found the best faces to adopt are either a neutral expression, or a “pouting” surprised one.

One thing which was rather sweet and reassuring was the participants said they still believed smiling makes people look younger.

However Melvyn Goodale, who worked on the study at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, rained on their parade somewhat, saying:

“We show that this belief, which is well-rooted in popular culture, is a complete misconception.”

So there you go, even if you’re having the time of your life, don’t let it show on your face.

Cheeky Toddler Locks Himself In Car And Laughs As Firefighters Rescue Him

What could have been a frightening situation for a little boy turned into smiles when a 14-month-old locked himself in his mother’s car. 

Brandon Emery’s mom, Kirsty Green tells Today.com that she had to put her son in the backseat of the car while she unloaded groceries into the trunk at a supermarket near their home in Bude, England. After accidentally closing the trunk with her car keys inside, she watched as Brandon tried to push the power locks, which ultimately trapped himself in the car.

A shopper in the parking lot saw what was happening and called the non-emergency number for the police. Luckily, it was not a hot day, so Brandon was not in any imminent danger. Firefighters from Bude Community Fire Station arrived on the scene to Brandon giggling in the passenger’s seat. 

He somehow managed to climb up there and grabbed the steering wheel with a grin like he was about to go for a drive. It was absolutely hilarious! Kirsty posted a photo of Brandon on Facebook saying, “Thank you to the amazing guys who rescued my cheeky monkey after locking himself in the car today at Bude Lidl! He was clearly traumatised by the whole ordeal.”

“[The firefighters] were amazing, and I think just as much as they were keeping Brandon entertained, he was equally making them laugh,” Green told SWNS.

To get Brandon out, the firefighters tried to pop the lock of the door using a plastic tool with a hook but were unsuccessful. The moment they saw Brandon put a coin in his mouth, they broke the rear driver’s window and opened the car to rescue him and prevent a choking situation. 

“It was just brilliant how unfazed he was by the whole thing, really,” firefighter Matthew Wonnacott told SWNS. “He seemed very entertained by the fact that there was a whole group of strangers staring into his mum’s car.”

Stopping the opioid crisis in the womb

The sound of a heartbeat pulsates through the air, and a grainy image of a baby flashes on screen. Jessica Hill smiles from her chair in the ultrasound room.

Gathered around are her doctor, nurse and best friend.
They are all eager, anxious, excited — and worried about the health of the baby. In that way, this ultrasound is like most.
But what’s happening in this room is anything but routine: Jessica, 28, is hooked on opioids and detoxing during pregnancy. Dr. Craig Towers is the pioneering — and controversial — obstetrician shattering the common medical belief that this approach could lead to the death of the fetus.
Moments earlier, Jessica’s baby underwent a stress test to see how she was progressing, a way to make sure the stress of detoxing is not harming the child. “She didn’t like it at all,” says Jessica, who is in her 35th week of pregnancy.
“It means that she’s paying attention to what’s going on,” says Towers, who specializes in high-risk pregnancies at the University of Tennessee Medical Center.
Jessica admits to making many mistakes, but here, she is making what she says is the best choice of her life: getting clean for her baby. She also has an 8-year-old son who has been raised by her mom. She hopes detoxing will further heal their relationship.
A tattoo above her heart reads “From pain comes strength.”
She wishes she could lean over her belly, put her lips by her daughter’s head and whisper to her about life lessons. “I’m working on building our relationship and trying so hard. I mainly want her to know that I won’t make those choices any more.”
Jessica marvels at the screen. “Is that her little face?”
“Yeah, that’s a cheek,” Towers says.
“She’s got chubby cheeks,” Jessica replies.
When Jessica first came to Towers four months ago, she was taking a standard opioid-based maintenance medication, called Subutex, meant to keep her from getting her fix from the street. She had been told at a drug maintenance clinic that detoxing would kill her fetus.
When she went to a doctor who she hoped could deliver her child, Jessica was humiliated. She had informed the doctor she was taking Subutex to tamp down her urge for painkillers. The doctor, she says, told her they don’t “take irresponsible patients.”
“I was just so upset, because they just shunned us away,” she says.
The maintenance clinic then referred her to the University of Tennessee Medical Center. Jessica first visited a doctor at the hospital’s prenatal clinic in December and was introduced to Emily Katz, the substance abuse coordinator in Towers’ office. Katz saw a young woman who needed help — but, more important, wanted help.
“We snatched her up,” she says. “There was just a spark in her. When I told Jessica, ‘I think we can help you,’ tears just streamed down her face.”
It’s now mid-March. Towers has weaned Jessica off the medication slowly, with Jessica making the hour-long trip from her home in Morristown to his office every two weeks, almost always accompanied by her best friend, Stephanie Moore. Today, Stephanie chimes in with cheerful jokes about the baby’s stubbornness, similar to her mother’s.
In between visits, Jessica texts and phones Katz, who was motivated to help others after her brother died of an overdose. The two have become so close over the months that both say they’re like twins separated at birth. Jessica has nicknamed Katz “Nurse Barbie” for her attractiveness and her straight blonde hair.
On this day, Katz quietly observes during the ultrasound, making her show of support by just being there.
Jessica went completely off the opioids over the past week, a critical juncture during any detoxification. She suffered through diarrhea and other ailments. Only once did she give into her urge, taking one Subutex pill. “It sucks,” she says.
In those down moments, Stephanie and Katz remind her why she’s going through this: that the struggle is worth the pain.
But even with all that Jessica has endured, there’s no guarantee her baby will be free of the violent tremors and excruciating pain that marks those born to addicted mothers. About one in five women who detox in Towers’ program still sees her baby suffer withdrawal after birth, depending on how early in pregnancy the mothers were able to become drug-free and how their bodies metabolize the opioids still in their systems.

Things not well with partner? Give each other a massage for relationship satisfaction

According to a new study, giving your partner a nice massage can help boost your relationship.

Is your relationship in turmoil? Giving each other a massage can improve both your physical and mental well-being as well as lead to relationship satisfaction, a research has shown.

The findings showed that giving each other a massage may ensure relationship stability as couples tend to operate as a pair when coping with stress.

“Massage can be a simple and effective way for couples to improve their physical and mental well-being whilst showing affection for one another,” said Sayuri Naruse from Northumbria University in Britain.

Massage positively impacts the couples’ — both the giver and receiver — well-being, perceived stress and coping abilities as well as emotional well-being.

“The benefits of receiving a massage from a professional are well documented, but this research shows how a similar outcome can be obtained by couples with little prior training and experience of the activity,” Naruse added.

The results were presented at the British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference in Brighton.

Painful medical procedures hurt less if you like your doctor: Study

New research suggests trusting and feeling socially or culturally similar to your doctor influences the pain experienced during medical procedures.

Irrespective of your age – you might be a five-year-old kid or a 50-year-old – getting a shot at your doctor’s office can be a stressful experience.

But what if you knew your doctor was from your hometown, liked the same food as you, or shared your religious beliefs? Now that you feel more culturally connected to your doctor, will the shot hurt less?

It’s a scenario posed in a new study by Dr Elizabeth Losin, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Miami College of Arts and Sciences; Steven Anderson, a University of Miami graduate student in the Department of Psychology; and Tor Wager, Ph.D., professor in the Institute of Cognitive Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. The study is entitled, “Feelings of clinician-patient similarity and trust influence pain: Evidence from simulated clinical interactions,” and it is published in the Journal of Pain, the official journal of the American Pain Society.

In Losin’s lab, she simulates clinician-patient interactions to uncover the social and cultural factors that influence the pain that patients experience during medical care. Her goal is to try and find ways to help people feel less pain when seeing the doctor and help reduce phobias about doctor visits and check-ups.


Physician-patient interactions are typically fast and superficial so people often don’t actually get the time to figure out whether they have anything in common with their doctor. (Shutterstock)

“Pain also has a psychological component as well, and it’s the interaction between the psychological and physiological aspects of pain that we’re really interested in,” she said.

Losin says that physician-patient interactions are typically fast and superficial so people often don’t actually get the time to figure out whether they have anything in common with their doctor.

“You go to the doctor’s office and you have to get a procedure that is painful and scary,” said Losin.

“We want to know how the doctor-patient dynamic, in this case how the doctor and patient perceive one another, might affect how much pain the patient feels from that painful medical procedure. If the patient feels they have something in common with their doctor, is that enough to actually change how much pain they feel?”

For her study, Losin used a modified version of a “minimal group paradigm,” which is normally used in social psychology experiments to create artificial groups in the lab based on something completely arbitrary and superficial.

This approach allows researchers to figure out the minimal conditions required for real-world intergroup behaviour, like discrimination, to occur.

In Losin’s study the groups weren’t quite so arbitrary. “We created the groups based on participants’ core personal beliefs and values, the same things that we think doctors and patients infer based on race and ethnicity in the context of medical care,” said Losin.

“We gave participants a questionnaire that asked about their political ideology, religious and gender role beliefs and practices. When they came into the lab, we separated the participants into two groups and told them they were assigned to these groups based on their questionnaire answers but not giving specifics to which question put them there.”

‘Smart’ denim promises touchscreen technology clothes

This is clothing made from specially woven fabric with touch-screen control capabilities that can be designed in such a way to visually stand out or go unnoticed depending on designers’ wishes.(Levis)

A young man in a white t-shirt pulls on a dark blue denim trucker jacket, tucks his smartphone in an inside pocket and puts in-ear headphones in his right ear.He mounts a fixed-gear bike with flat, slightly curved wide handlebars. Riding through the streets of San Francisco, he occasionally taps or swipes his right hand over the left cuff of his jacket, as the directions he’s listening to continually pop up on the screen of this advertisement.It’s an ad from iconic US jeans maker Levi Strauss for Project Jacquard, an initiative with Google that the companies started two years ago for so-called “smart” denim.

The future of the popular fabric was the focus at a recent international fashion fair in Paris — after all most believe the word denim derives from the French “serge de Nimes”, a serge from the city of Nimes.

The fair featured many wearable innovations such as a waterproof jacket with sunscreen bands and a cable in the pocket to recharge a cellphone, or jeans that keep your body temperature stable.

Once mainly the purview of athletic gear — with moisture-wicking shirts and trousers and then clothing that can track motion, heart rate, and body temperature — the new trend for fashion designers is to take everyday wear and transform it using new technologies.

This is clothing made from specially woven fabric with touch-screen control capabilities that can be designed in such a way to visually stand out or go unnoticed depending on designers’ wishes.

French-based fashion company Spinal Design, for example, has created jeans that can give wearers with directions without having to whip out the mobile at every single intersection.

Through blue tooth sensors stitched into the jeans’ waistband, the smart phone stays out of sight.

“You put a destination into the pap (and) sensors will vibrate right if you need to turn right, left if you need to turn left,” Spinal innovation director Romain Spinal told AFP.

In 2015, the company from the eastern French town of Mulhouse designed a bikini that tells women when it’s time to apply more sun screen.

The two-piece retails for 149 euros ($163) and comes with a small detachable ultraviolet sensor that, through a smart phone or tablet, sends a “sun screen alert” when the sunbather’s skin needs more protective cream.

The detector is calibrated to the wearer’s skin type and how much of a tan she wants to get, and is “virtually devoid of any radiation,” Spinal said.

The Spinal jeans, made in France, cost 150 euros and also have email notification capabilities.

“They will vibrate differently depending on whether the message received is from your family, your friends or work, in a way that you won’t have to constantly check your email on weekends or on vacation,” Spinal said.

On their end, Google and Levi expect to release their denim jacket sometime this year, but it will come with a hefty $350 price tag due in part to its special interactive fabric that allows the jacket’s wearer to order various products online.

Environmental concerns

Other international etch and fashion companies have also jumped on the “smart” denim bandwagon.

Using thermo-regulated fabric and microfiber cloth popular in athletic wear, Brazilian textile maker Vicugna Tex til has designed denims that will keep the wearer’s core temperature stable.

American designer Cone Denim for its part has blended its denims with technical textile fibres from equipment used on motorcycles — this to better tout the sturdiness of its clothes.

But these companies recognise that there has to be more to “smart” jeans than just fashion sense and connected capabilities and that means making sure they are environmentally friendly.

“The consumer demands greater traceability and ecology, especially when it comes to denim because it is a product that is a bit controversial,” said Marion Foret, fashion products chief for Premiere Vision Paris, which organises trade shows for the textile and clothing sector, including the denim show.

Denim is a product “that doesn’t always carry the best reputation, so textile makers are forced to use more ecological processes,” Foret added, such as making denims with organic or traceable cotton, cleaning denims without water, and using dyes that won’t pollute the land.

In keeping with that trend, Dutch fashion designer Pauline van Wongen makes denims using fabrics from used and already worn jeans.

Others seek to keep consumers better informed like Pakistani manufacturer Artistic Fabric Mills which developed an application to retrace the history of the jeans.

But for some young fashion students the future of jeans is not all about technology.

“Connecting jeans to a smartphone is not necessarily what we want to have,” said Aurelia Martin, who studies fashion in Brussels.

“There are problems that are a little more essential in terms of production, the dye, the cotton, the (jeans’) pretty weak longevity, and the quality.”

British inventor takes flight in ‘Iron Man’ suit

The personal flight suit is capable of propelling wearers much higher and faster, according to its creators.

British inventor Richard Browning lifted off from the shore of Vancouver Harbour on Thursday in a personal flight suit that inspired references to comic superhero ‘Iron Man’.

Using thrusters attached to his arms and back, Mr. Browning flew in a circle and hovered a short distance from the ground, captivating attendees at a prestigious TED Conference.

The personal flight suit is capable of propelling wearers much higher and faster, according to its creators.

“The hypothesis was that the human mind and body, if properly augmented, could achieve some pretty cool stuff,’ the extreme athlete and engineer said at the gathering a short time earlier.

Mr. Browning told of experimenting with various numbers and arrays of essentially miniature jet engines on his limbs. Along the way, he said, there were more than a few crashes to the ground.

“The whole journey was about trying and failing, and learning from that,” Mr. Browning said.

The first reasonably stable, six-second flight with the gear inspired his team to press on. His start-up, Gravity, formally debuted about a month ago with an early-version suit called Daedalus.

A 55-second video clip of the suit in action has logged more than a million views since being posted on YouTube about three weeks ago.

Mr. Browning said he was already getting interest from investors and some in the British military, who told him they had given up on the flight feature of an ‘Iron Man’ suit until seeing his human-propulsion gear.

“I don’t think anyone is going to be going down to Wal-Mart with it or taking anybody to school for quite a while, but the team at Gravity is moving it along,” Mr. Browning said.

He dreams of a flight suit that one day will allow its wearer to launch from a beach, soar along the coast and then perhaps hop into a helicopter in the air to continue their journey.

Mr. Browning has already seen the early-version flight suit compared to the ‘Iron Man’ armour worn by Marvel Comics character Tony Stark, but stressed that his goal was firmly rooted in the real world.

He also described the project as part of a personal journey, inspired by an engineer father with a love for flying machines, but who died when Mr. Browning was just a teenager.

More smartphone components to be included under Make in India to boost manufacturing

To promote domestic manufacturing of cellular mobile handsets, the government on Thursday announced a phased manufacturing programme (PMP), which will be rolled out over a period of time, a statement said here.

“The focus is to ensure that through appropriate fiscal and financial incentives, indigenous manufacturing of cellular mobile handsets and various sub-assemblies which go into manufacturing of handsets can be promoted over a period of time,” the statement said.

“This initiative will help in building a robust indigenous mobile manufacturing ecosystem in India and we believe that it will incentivise large scale manufacturing. It is our roadmap to ensure an increase in the domestic value addition in manufacturing of mobile handsets.

“It will give a huge impetus to local mobile manufacturing and will help us meet a significant portion of the global handset requirement over a period of time,” Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology said.

The PMP has been notified with the objective of substantially increasing the domestic value addition for establishment of a robust cellular mobile handsets manufacturing eco-system in India, it added.

The phase-wise programme covers mechanics, die cut parts, microphone and receiver, key pad and USB cable in the current financial year (2017-18).

It also aims to promote the indigenous manufacturing of populated printed circuit boards, camera modules and connectors in 2018-19; and display assembly, touch panels, vibrator motor and ringer in 2019-20.

The programme will be extended to parts/ sub-parts/ inputs for sub-assemblies as the manufacturing ecosystem evolves over the next few years, the statement said.

“We will not get entrapped by protectionism, but will create deep competencies, both cost and skills, which will create a globally benchmarked workforce and complementary industries intertwined with the global mobile phone and component ecosystem equally encouraging global and domestic enterprises,” said Pankaj Mohindroo, National President, Indian Cellular Association (ICA), Chairman – Fast Track Task Force and Trustee – Center for Development of Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (C-ESDM).

Do your jeans have a Bluetooth connection?

Paris show displays ‘smart’ denims that can give you street directions and send e-mail alerts

A young man in a white T-shirt pulls on a dark blue denim trucker jacket, tucks his smartphone in an inside pocket and puts in-ear headphones in his right ear.

He mounts a fixed-gear bike with flat, slightly curved wide handlebars. Riding through the streets of San Francisco, he occasionally taps or swipes his right hand over the left cuff of his jacket, as the directions he’s listening to continually pop up on the screen of this advertisement.

It’s an ad from iconic U.S. jeans maker Levi Strauss for Project Jacquard, an initiative with Google that the companies started two years ago for so-called “smart” denim.

The future of the popular fabric was the focus at a recent international fashion fair in Paris.

Wearable innovations

The fair featured many wearable innovations such as a waterproof jacket with sunscreen bands and a cable in the pocket to recharge a cellphone, or jeans that keep your body temperature stable. Once mainly the purview of athletic gear — with moisture-wicking shirts and trousers and then clothing that can track motion, heart rate, and body temperature — the new trend for fashion designers is to take everyday wear and transform it using new technologies.

French-based fashion company Spinal Design, for example, has created jeans that can give wearers directions without having to whip out the mobile at every single intersection.

Through Bluetooth sensors stitched into the jeans’ waistband, the smartphone stays out of sight.

“Sensors will vibrate right if you need to turn right, left if you need to turn left,” said Spinal’s innovation director Romain Spinal.

In 2015, the company designed a bikini that tells women when it’s time to apply more sunscreen. The two-piece retails for €149 euros (₹10,500) and comes with a detachable ultraviolet sensor that, through a smartphone or tablet, sends a “sunscreen alert” when the sunbather’s skin needs more cream.

The Spinal jeans, made in France, cost €150 euros and also have e-mail notification capabilities. “They will vibrate differently depending on whether the message received is from your family, your friends or work, in a way that you won’t have to constantly check your e-mail on weekends or on vacation,” Mr. Spinal said.

On their end, Google and Levi expect to release their denim jacket sometime this year, but it will come with a hefty $350 (₹22,500) price tag due in part to its special interactive fabric that allows the jacket’s wearer to order various products online.

Game Of Thrones announces plans for four spin-offs to add to ‘vast universe’

For every Frasier, there’s a Joey – so can the Game of Thrones spin-offs live up to the hype of HBO’s most profitable ever show?

HBO has announced plans for four different spin-offs of hit TV show Game Of Thrones.

Author George R R Martin has signed a contract with the broadcasters and four “very talented writers” to prolong the network’s most profitable ever show.

“We’ll take as much or as little time as the writers need and, as with all our development, we will evaluate what we have when the scripts are in,” a spokeswoman for HBO said on Thursday.

The network has not set a deadline for the projects.

One of the four writers hired to extend the show’s success is Britain’s Jane Goldman, who co-wrote the R-rated superhero flick Kick-Ass in 2010.

The other three are Mad Men writer Carly Wray, Brian Helgeland, who penned the crime caper LA Confidential, and Max Borenstein from Kong: Skull Island.

:: Game Of Thrones actor teases ‘death by dragon fire’

Game Of Thrones
Season 07 First Look
(L-R) Nathalie Emmenuel as Missandei
Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister
Conleth Hill as Lord Varys
Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen
Jacob Anderson as Grey Worm
©2017 Macall B. Polay/HBO\

The announcement comes as the series is gearing up for its inevitable end, scheduled for 2018.

It is a smart and predictable move for HBO, but one which has had varying degrees of success for other much-loved series.

While Cheers spin-off Frasier undoubtedly managed to emulate and even surpass the success of its predecessor, and Breaking Bad follow-up Better Call Saul has also been well received by fans, many have failed to stand on their own.

I enjoy photoshoots if they aren’t random or aimless: Katrina Kaif

Actor Katrina Kaif, who is famous celebrity photographer Mario Testino’s latest muse, says she has been “following his work” for years.

Be it A-list stars, musicians, supermodels or other artists, he has captured a plethora of celebrities – over the years – through his lens. Now, Katrina Kaif has become famous celebrity photographer Mario Testino’s latest muse with a much-talked-about photo shoot. “It was really nice [shooting with Mario]. During my growing up years and especially, since I started out as a model, I’ve admired Mario’s works. He has an eye for detail and shoots women in a certain way,” says the actor.

The Bang Bang (2014) actor feels “anyone who follows the fashion or photography industry” knows that he is a legend in his field. I have been seeing his work for years, which, I feel, is unique. After a certain point, photography on that level can start to have a similar feel. But I think, you can always tell an image that he has clicked. There is some sort of an edge to it,” she says.

Does she enjoy photo shoots? “I do as long as they have a specific intention and aren’t random or aimless. Before going in, I need to know what kind of image we are trying to create. If you have clarity, enthusiasm and a nice theme, it can be a lot of fun,” she says, adding that it makes for a “much more enjoyable shoot” when one bonds well with a photographer.

Ranbir & Sushant In A Towel To Aamir Going Full On Nude! Times When Our Bollywood Men Dared To Bare On Screen

Internet is buzzing with Katrina Kaif’s towel clad picture by Mario Testino. What most people don’t know is that Sushant Singh Rajput was also clicked by the ace photographer for his much talked about ‘Towel Series’.

Sushant can be seen holding sexy expressions on his face and a crisp white towel in his hand in the picture. For obvious reasons, this photo reminds us of John Abraham’s butt act from Dostana because Sushant has also attempted a similar act in the picture.

Bollywood has seen many hot bodied men flaunting their sexy bods in towels and trunks in the past. So here’s a package for the eyes of all the gorgeous females who want some respite from seeing dull acts put up by Bollywood stars. We bring to you a string of clicks of Bollywood men who were bold enough to leave us gasping for breaths in some of the hottest clicks.

Bollywood Celebrities Arrive for Late Vinod Khanna’s Prayer Meet

The once-upon-a-time heartthrob of Bollywood Vinod Khanna breathed his last on April 27, 2017, as he succumbed to cancer. The late actor’s family organised a prayer meeting at Nehru Centre in Mumbai on the evening of May 3.

Bollywood celebrities arrived in numbers for the condolence meeting, many who had especially missed his funeral ceremony. From among those who were spotted at the venue include celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Hrithik and Rakesh Roshan, Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan, Sridevi, Arjun Rampal, Sonu Sood, Arbaaz Khan, Athiya Shetty, Shakti and Shivangi Kapoor, Abbas Mustan, Javed Akhtar, Farhan Akhtar, Malaika Arora, Ashutosh Gowarikar among others.

Vinod was one of the most sought after film stars in the 1970s and 1980s. The actor is survived by his wife, Kavita Khanna, and four children – Rahul, Akshaye, Sakshi, and Shraddha. Rahul and Akshaye, both actors, were from his first wife, Geetanjali.